Torchwood Hub Moves

22 03 2008

The Torchwood Hub has immerged with the Tardis Base making my new site,

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Get Ready for Exit Wounds!

21 03 2008

(Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for the above pic!)

You can watch Exit Wounds on BBC2 on the 4th of April! Unfortunately it will not brodcast on BBC3 a week earlier (28th March). But still I can’t wait to see the episode! I will try to upload the trailer and the full episode of Fragments soon! I also can’t wait to see the cliff-hanger to end the series to lead into the Doctor Who Series 4 Finale (If there is one) ! So don’t forget, April 4th, BBC2, 9pm!

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Adrift and Fragments Tonight!

21 03 2008


(Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for this pic!)

Don’t forget to watch Torchwood Adrift and Fragments tonight! Here is the sypnosis and the TV schedule!

Adrift – BBC2 – 9pm (Declassified 9.50pm)
When a local teenager disappears Gwen is drawn into an investigation that reveals a darker side of Torchwood. Hundreds of people have disappeared without trace, but why is Jack obstructing attempts to find them? The answer seems to lie in the rift. Literally, and as Gwen follows the trail, she makes a shocking discovery.

Fragments – BBC3 – 10.30pm
A booby-trapped building explodes and knocks the team unconscious. As each team member’s life flashes before their eyes, viewers learn how each of them was recruited to Torchwood: Captain Jack was initiated into a shocked Victorian Torchwood in 1899; Toshiko went on a daring mission to trade alien technology for her mother’s life; Ianto wooed Jack with coffee and a flair for alien-catching; and Owen had a medical revelation that changed how he saw the world.

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Fragments Trailer

21 03 2008

Fragments airs on BBC3 on Friday 21st March at 10.30pm! Or for BBC2 viewers you can watch it on Friday 28th of March on BBC2 at 9pm!

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From Out of the Rain and Adrift Ratings

20 03 2008


Unofficial figures show that the BBC2 showing of Torchwood Episode 10, From Out of the Rain was watched by 2.6 million viewers, a 11% share of the total TV audience.

Torchwood: Declassified which followed the episode got 1.3 million viewers.

Episode 11, Adrift was watched by 0.84 million viewers on BBC3, a 4.9% share of the audience, making it the highest rated programme on BBC3 for the day. It will be shown on BBC2 on Friday.

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Torchwood #3 Out Now!

20 03 2008


Torchwood Magazine Issue 3 is out now! Inside you can read news, previews to the final episodes, read interviews, a brand new comic strip and loads more! Click here for more! In other news I will upload the trailer for “Fragments” soon! That episode airs tomorrow (Friday 21st March) on BBC3 at 10.30pm!

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Adrift Tonight!

19 03 2008


Don’t forget to watch Torchwood tonight! Here is the schedule!

Wednesday 19th March
From Out of the Rain – 9.00pm – BBC2
Declassified – 9.50pm – BBC2
Adrift – 10pm – BBC3

Thursday 20th March
From Out of the Rain (Pre-watershed) – 7.00pm – BBC2
Declassified – 7.50pm – BBC2

Also you can watch episodes 11 and 12 on Friday but I will update more about that later!

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